Download the hacked game Tales from the Borderlands version of DUPLEX for PS4

Game story
Play Tales from the Borderlands Or the same game of borderland stories by the company Telltale Games Developed and designed for the PlayStation 4. The gameplay is Pint-and-Click and players can take their characters throughout the game environment. This game series, like the previous series of Telltale Games studio, can be exciting and attractive. The game's story is about two characters who are victims of their living environment, a cruel environment. At first, they do everything for their own benefit, but gradually they give up selfishness. In fact, the game is made in such a way that you feel that you are in their place during the game and you can make decisions, and when they acquire different characters during the game, in other words, they reach excellence, your feeling is that You have helped them to reach prosperity and prosperity.

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