Download the hacked game Kholat for PS4

Game story
Play Kholat By the company IMAGINATION S.C. Released in 2016 for the PlayStation 4 console. An adventure game with exploratory and scary elements that tells the story of one of the most popular English actors named Sean Bean. The game is inspired by a real event known as the Pass Dyatlov – a mysterious death of 9 Russian climbers, which led to countless hypotheses. You are in the role of this popular actor who goes straight to the endless scenery of the Ural Mountains to find out what really happened. The incident that took place during the game in the winter of 1959 was around 9 climbers who were strangely and terribly killed, and Russian inspectors stated that an unknown force had caused their deaths.

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Download Link Size
Download Part 1 476.84 MB
Download Part 2 476.84 MB
Download Part 3 476.84 MB
Download Part 4 135.24 MB

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