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During the historical periods of the American War, important people and prominent generals whose war tactics led to the victory of these wars were prominent. Among these people, some are very famous; But some of them have been ignored. Just like the general Robert Edward Lee.

Robert E. Lee and His High Command One of the company's training courses The Great Courses Everything you need to know about Robert E. Lee and the great people he has served is thoroughly explored. Professor Gary W. Gallagher In this training course, General Robert E.'s personality, strategies and strategic tactics. Lee thoroughly examines and answers all your questions about this important and influential war character.

Discussions by Robert E. Lee and His High Command:

  • Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia
  • The Making of a Confederate General
  • Lee’s Year of Fabled Victories
  • Lee From Gettysburg to Appomattox
  • Was Lee an Old-Fashioned General?
  • The Making of the Mighty “Stonewall” Jackson
  • Stonewall Jackson as Lee’s “Right Arm”
  • James Longstreet’s Road to Prominence
  • Longstreet’s Later Confederate Career
  • The Rise of Jubal Anderson Early
  • Early’s Path to Defeat
  • “Jeb” Stuart as Soldier and Showman
  • One Promotion Too Many. A. P. Hill
  • Forced from Center Stage And Richard S. Ewell
  • A Straight-Ahead Fighter And John Bell Hood
  • Could Robert E. Lee Make Hard Decisions?
  • The Problem of Attrition
  • Younger Officers I — Robert Emmett Rodes
  • Younger Officers II and Stephen Dodson Ramseur
  • Younger Officers III And John Brown Gordon
  • Younger Officers IV And Edward Porter Alexander
  • Gifted but Flawed — J. E. Johnston and Beauregard
  • Drama and Failure — Magruder and Pickett
  • Before the Bar of History And The Lost Cause

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