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Certainly, we have so many memories with beautiful Farkra titles. About 12 years ago, Ubisoft introduced the first version of this beautiful title. In 2004, Ubisoft introduced the first version. The narrative was a man named Jack looking for a woman. His job is a journalist who has set a wide, terrible forest horse to find him. The game out of 68 positive reviews and 4 average criticisms became a popular title after the success of the first episode of Ubisoft in 2008 introduced the second edition.

The story was this time in the jungles of Africa, and your role was to destroy a man who made weapons for the two previous ones, but the third non-version that was introduced in 2012, this time Farkraki with a very beautiful graphics And a strong story came to his fans. The story of this part is a narrative of a few young people who travel to a tropical island for pleasure and rest, but are taken hostage by thieves during the incident. The enemy is the main character, Jason Freddie, in the name of Wase now Jason to save. It's up to him to defeat him, but the latest version of Farkra, produced in 2014, is the personality of this particular episode Kyrat travels to Tibet in his hometown to spread his mother's ashes, but struggles on the way. He realizes that the area has a new ruler, which is very powerful and dangerous. Now Kyrat has to work with his fellow countrymen, and that man In the following, you can download Falkra's collection

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Far cry 3 game
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Far Cry 1 game
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Far Cry 2 game
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FarCry 4 game

Installation guide
  • First, put the downloaded files in a folder using the software winrar Right-click on one of the files and click Extract here.
  • Scroll to the Extractor folder and export the iso file using the software UltraISO Get a virtual drive.
  • After installing and before installing the installed software, read the Read Me.txt file in the Crack folder in the DVD and carefully crack the software according to the commands.

Zip password: Click To Copy

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