Download the game Dynasty Warriors 9 v1.01 + DLC for PC

Game story

Finally download Dynasty Warriors 9 for PCs. This game is a new approach to the gameplay world alongside maintaining the concept of single-player warfare against thousands. In fact, the game introduces a new combat system called the State Combo System, which is based on the use of various combat styles called Trigger, Flow, Finish. This game is based on historical events. Within the game, there are three empires, each with separate stories, and these stories are narrated in the form of several leftists. This story is based on the true events that took place in ancient China. Download Dynasty Warriors 9 Advances that have hack and slash styles, you need to fight courage with the enemy and just use the strike button. This game is very attractive and it's in a free world, in other words, in the Dynasty Warriors 9 world you can freely buy and you do not have to be on the mission. Using a horse or boat can drive you over longer distances and can summarize every route and place you want.

Important Features of Dynasty Warriors 9

Player interaction with the environment

In this version of Dynasty Warriors 9, unlike other versions of the country, China is full of hills, mountains and palaces, which allows the player to climb walls and buildings and use useful objects such as oil barrels that can be used as an effective tactic. Help you use. In general, in this version of the game, like all other versions, no particular tactic is needed and you just have to brave the enemy.

The dynamism of the climate system and the cycle of night and day

Another new feature of the game is the dynamism of the climate system as well as the night and day cycle. It may change the weather and weather during the game. However, this change is common for many games, but it is the first time that These changes occurred when downloading Dynasty Warriors. In the game Dynasty Warriors 9, you do not have to always be on the mission and you can go for yourself, but in previous versions there was no free-wheeling in the environment and your ultimate freedom to go to your camp was over.

Grading the difficult stages of the game

Another feature of Dynasty Warriors 9 is that each stage has a tough degree and increases the charm of the game. By adding such a system, the importance of lateral activities will also increase in the game. For example, if your lol is 20 and the main step you have to do is lvl 25, you have to do the next steps to complete your mission, and experience the other parts of the game.

According to critics, Dynasty Warriors 9 wants to change from the local game to the global game and the reason for the creation of new and attractive features has been that.


OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 64bit

Processor: Core i5 2400 or over

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or over

DirectX: Version 11

Storage: 50 GB available space

Download Link

Installation guide

First, place all downloaded files in a folder. Then extract the files. Enter the Extractor folder and run the setup.exe file. In the installation step, select English and if you are sure that Direct X and dotNet FrameWork are installed, disable the installation option and install the game. Run the game after installation.

Zip password: Click To Copy

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