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In this episode we have a game collection Assassins creed We have put a series of games for you Assassins creed It's not an action and fiction title, it's a narrative of war between nations, and the game's world of gaming is twice as attractive. The first version of the game was released in 2007, which was greatly appreciated by the gamers. The game is like a game made. Made by Ubisoft himself, Prince Persia, was the first person to play the name of al-Ta'ir ibn al-Ahd, who was an Arab character, his teacher was called a man named Al-Ma'alm. This version of the game in Waggai was one of the first games at that time in terms of the graphics of the presence of Parkour And had a strong story, so he was able to win many honors for Ubisoft, and the existence of the world Again, it was a success in its success.

After the success of Ubisoft's first edition, it launched and released the second version. This version of the game can be the best version in history. Assassins creed We also knew that the new character, Ezio, played a huge role in the game. Ezio did not want to become one Assassins But things happened in the game, including the execution of his family by the Templars, which made him a revenger. Over time, there were other versions of the game, each of which has a particular appeal. You can continue to make copies. Download this game differently

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Installation guide
  • First, put the downloaded files in a folder using the software winrar Right-click on one of the files and click Extract here.
  • Scroll to the Extractor folder and export the iso file using the software UltraISO Get a virtual drive.
  • After installing and before installing the installed software, read the Read Me.txt file in the Crack folder in the DVD and carefully crack the software according to the commands.

Zip password: Click To Copy

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