Download the extra file removal software with BleachBit 1.12


It's been a lot of times that the Windows system and drives are full, while you do not know what space is filled with, and you're going to empty it to open up the space you need and can work more easily with your Windows. To do this, there are a lot of software that can help you track the site's bit download site today.

BleachBit is a powerful, free, and very handy software to clean up extra files, as well as completely erase footprints, browser history, and more. This tool is designed for Windows and Linux operating systems, and you can use any program you think you do not need to be removed easily and with a few clicks from your system. BleachBit, beyond simple file deletion. Advanced features such as file shredding for recovery prevention, full disk cleanup to permanently delete deleted files and upgrade the speed of Firefox.


  • Ability to delete additional files
  • Can be installed on Linux and Windows
  • Windows Speed ​​Upgrade
  • Clearing browser history
  • Delete duplicate file
  • And…

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