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ChemOffice Professional An intelligent, integrated software suite of personal productivity tools that enables researchers and researchers to capture, store, restore, and share information and data on their compounds, reactions, materials and properties. ChemOffice Professional helps chemists and biologists to effectively track their work and better understand the results and correlations of biological activity with chemical structures.

ChemOffice Professional Includes the following tools and applications:

  • ChemDraw Professional: Used by hundreds of thousands of researchers around the world to quickly and effectively draw molecules, reactions, and biological entities and paths for use in electronic laboratory labs and notes.
  • ChemDraw for Excel: Add chemical information to Excel pages so that chemists can use the ability to analyze, sort, and organize Excel tools for future calculations and to examine the relationships of structural activities.
  • Chem3DIt produces three-dimensional models that chemists can use to see their compounds in three different dimensions and evaluate them to minimize or maximize its properties and activities.
  • ChemFinder: A chemical personal database system used by researchers to organize their constituents and search for structures and transform information into understandable imagery, cluster maps, and ideal combination profiles for identifying structural activity relationships.
  • ChemFinder for OfficeIt scans files and directories for chemical structures and can be used to search documents by its structure to find your favorite compositions.
  • Chemscript: A scripting language that shows the basic processing power of a chemical structure to developers who want to manipulate structures and processing.
  • CDSL Mobile: A site-deployable version of the ChemDraw software on the iPad for customers registered on the site.
  • ChemDraw Direct: A javascript version of ChemDraw that is used to add chemistry intelligence to web applications.

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