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6.2 ATMEL Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for development and programming AVR microcontrollers And ARM is . The software, which in its previous version was much more beautiful than the previous version, has come down this time with a small name change and a big change.
6 ATMEL Studio Which is in the previous version with the name AVR Studio A great opportunity has been added to it, and this is what you can do with this version for serial microphones. ARM Atmel company also program.

As you know the series ARM One of the most successful micro-series Atmel company It has been growing wider every day. You can see this series even on your mobile phones. The series was so welcomed that most mobile phone companies took over and used ARM on many of their phones. Of course, this does not make it worthwhile AVR series microcontrollers Ignore it. The AVR series has come a long way. Especially in our country has opened a special place. But again, the ARM series has its own unique features. For this reason, Atmel Company has provided this software to its users so that they can program them with both microcomputers.

ATMEL has just released this release, and our blog is proud to have published this software among Iranian sites for the first time after the engineer Yar. This software has been released completely free and you can enjoy and enjoy all the features of this software provided by the manufacturer of the AVR and ARM without any cost.
The latest version of this software has a large library of 1100 source code avr and ARM ready to be used to simplify the design process and even novice users can easily work with this powerful software.

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