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Supernatural (supernatural) A: Two brothers decide to continue their father's career as “hunters” and hunt for strange and evil creatures, from monsters and demons to gods who walk the earth.

It is a television drama about two brothers, Sam and Dean, raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill supernatural demons. When the two brothers are very young, their mother is killed by one of these demons, and John decides to become a demon hunter to avenge his wife and educates both of his sons. 22 years later, the two brothers fight different demons and monsters on a journey to find their recently lost father, until they meet their father.

After seeing his sons, John tells them that he knows their mother's killer and has found a way to kill him. Meanwhile, Sam is trying to develop his scary powers. He can see, with his power, death and how people die before they really die. After something happens, their father dies and now the two brothers have to go to war with their mother's killer, a powerful and evil demon without their mentor. But … .

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