Download Stone River eLearning C # Programming Crash Course

C # Programming Crash Course One of the courses is Stone River eLearning, which teaches you everything you need to know about C # programming. This course covers topics such as: Basic C # concepts; C # strengths and weaknesses; Setting up a work environment; Data types and their uses; Variables, expressions and operators; Flow Control; Organize; Classes and structures; Inheritance; User interfaces; Shows you a few practical projects and many more.

C # Programming Crash Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Overview Of C #
  3. C # Strengths & Weaknesses
  4. Popular Uses Of C #
  5. Demystifying The .Net Framework
  6. Section 2 Quiz
  7. Setting Up Environment
  8. Downloading And Installing Visual Studio
  9. Creating A New Console Project
  10. Preventing The Console From Auto Exiting
  11. Section Summary
  12. Section 3 Quiz

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