Download Skillfeed Social Networking Website in PHP & MySQL From Scratch – Learning to build social networking websites with PHP and MySQL


The social networking website is in fact communication networks that share people in different groups, for example, their interests, activities, backgrounds, and relationships in real life. In this service, each person is identified through his or her own account, and through this, it can perform activities that can be done. Most of these social networks are derived from the Web application that is accessible through the Internet.

In Skillfeed Social Network PHP and MySQL From Scratch, you will learn how to build a social networking website with PHP and MySQL.

Educational titles:

  • – Introduction to the course
  • – Create a social network environment
  • – Website layout for the social network
  • – Create database and enter users
  • – Create User Timeline
  • – Insert and view posts
  • – Manage Comments (Comments)
  • – User profiles and posts
  • – Each user's message
  • – And …

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Download Part 4 135.22 MB

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