Download Siemens FEMAP v11.2.2 with NX Nastran x64 – Simulation software by finite element analysis


Siemens FEMAP v11.2.2 with NX Nastran x64 simulation software

FEMAP A powerful and advanced engineering simulation software that can simulate and solve extremely complex finite elemental equations. This software is the most famous product of Siemens, which has been used in the industry for more than 15 years, so that learning This software is essential for mechanical engineers, physicists and electronics.

This software has a variety of features including:

  1. Evaluation and design of different materials
  2. Optimizing design and saving raw materials
  3. Forecast and improve the end product performance
  4. Reduce cost and time for designing and analyzing and modeling

This software is so useful and functional that not all of the specialized applications are included in this article. Just briefly mention some of its features.

Capabilities :

  • Optimization of Post-processing processes
  • Perform CAE simulations
  • Comprehensive compatibility with CAD software
  • Ability to analyze geometric information of CAD software
  • Optimization of design and production processes
  • Modeling in various dimensions, such as Assembly Modelling and Beam Modeling

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