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The flight is at zero serial altitude in relation to the wartime and sacred defense. The series has brought a charm to the playing field with popular players such as Shahrokh Shahri, Bijan Amakianian, Ammar Tafti, Sogol Khalik and ….

The series is directed by Abdul Hussein and producer Mohammad Neshat, a serial portrayal of the life of an air force pilot fighter during the holy defense. The television set of flying at zero altitude in cooperation with the Islamic Republic air force was produced and produced in seven episodes of 45 minutes in the film and TV series.


The narrative of a pilot's life in the war-martial arts era, his wife is ill and the stress of her husband's missions is not good for her. This person is on a divorce to perform a task or stay in the family.

Therefore, the report “Flight at Zero” has seven main actors and 24 actors acting as a subsidiary, which is said to be a full-acting series commissioned by the Center for the Performing Arts at Sima's Institute of Gift Films.

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