Download Scientific Toolworks Understand v5.0.966 x86 / x64 – Big Database Programming Software

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Scientific Toolworks Understand A professional and professional tool for static analysis to protect, measure, and analyze critical for large code (programming) bases. This program, based on the ability to identify cross-platform support for multiple tabs as well as programming environments (Interactive Development Environment) Maintenance-oriented, as a Carbelded Assistant can help you in step-by-step development of large-scale programming projects. This software is designed to help preserve and create source code / source code that is designed to Source codes can include C ++, C #, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL, or Delphi / Pascal source codes. This ability to swim There are relationships and structures available in software projects. You can use this specialized software in two 64- and 32-bit versions with direct link from the site. Direct Download Links Receive

The main parameters that the program checks is:

  • Number of classes
  • Number of files
  • Line number
  • Number of blank lines
  • Number of lines of code
  • Number of description lines
  • Number of inactive lines
  • Declarative Statement
  • Number of Executable Statement
  • Ratio Comment to

Advanced parameters checked by this program:

  • Cyclomatic Complexity
  • knots
  • Coupling class
  • Percentage of lack of coherence
  • Number of ways
  • Max Inheritance
  • Base class number
  • Number of inherited classes
  • Number of instance functions
  • Function weight in each class

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