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All that a software is built on is the code behind it. In fact, apart from the database discussion, what a software relies on and all its functionality is based on the code and how the software is coded. One of the things that can make many software projects fail is reverse engineering. In fact, if one accesses the source code of a software, one can create one like it and fail the software project. Today we are going to software RedGate SmartAssembly Professional To prevent this from happening.

RedGate SmartAssembly Professional It is a trusted and trusted software name that can safeguard software source code 100%. One of the interesting features of this software is that besides its various solutions, it obscures the codes so that they will not be recognizable and usable if they are compromised. Software source code protection software, ability to detect and fix errors automatically, obscure and complicate source code, prevent engineering of source code reversals, 100% protection of string codes, rename variables and folders to names Complex and confusing features are other features of this software. You can now get the latest version of this software with a direct link from the Bit Download site.

RedGate SmartAssembly Professional features:

  • Software protects the source code of the program
  • Ability to detect errors and fix them automatically
  • Obscure and complicate source code
  • Prevent engineering from reversing source code
  • 100% protection of string codes
  • Rename variables and folders to complex and confusing names
  • And . . .

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