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Raiders of the Lost ArkAn Indiana Jones archaeologist and adventurer hired from the United States government and found an antique casket before the Nazis.

The narrative is 1936. An Indiana Jones archaeologist in the South American jungles is looking for a golden statue that unfortunately falls into a deadly trap but miraculously saved. Later, he listens to a museum called “Marcus Brodie” about an antique book called “The Word of the Covenant,” which may be the key to proving the existence of man. He must travel to Nepal and Egypt to find this antique; however, he must fight his enemy, Rene Blok, and a group of Nazis to find the Bible before.

Awards list:

  • Winner of Best Art Director, – Scene design from Oscar
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Wins the best Oscar compilation
  • Wins the best Oscar image effect
  • Wins Best Production Designer, BAFTA Film Award

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