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The PrestigeTwo skilled magicians arrive after a tragic accident to fight for their excellence. Each one tries to introduce himself as a top magician by making illusions and deceiving the audience, and they do nothing to hide anything.

In the late nineteenth century, in London, Robert Angier, with his lovely wife, Julia and his best friend, Alfred Bolden, are working on magic. One day, accidentally, in one of the three magic scenes of the three, Julia loses his life and Robert blames Alfred. After the incident, Robert and Alfred are also becoming enemies of blood. Both of them are well-known magicians who, in order to compete with each other, each one will destroy something else on the scene. In one of these performances, when Alfred successfully runs one of his tricks, Robert tries to disclose his secret trick with terrible consequences.

Awards list:

  • The nominee is Oscar's best-ever achievement
  • The nominee is Best Director of Oscar Oscar

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