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IT Outsourcing – Preparing for an Outsourcing Initiative One of the training courses is, which is one of the most common tasks in today's IT outsourcing companies. You will learn how to outsource the work of companies's IT units. Or basically how as a company or large organization to use companies outside your company as an IT unit.

In the course of IT Outsourcing – Preparing for an Outsourcing InitiativeInitially, you will focus on the reasons why companies are outsourcing technology units. Then, you learn common strategies. Finally, you will learn how to prepare for an extraterrestrial project.

IT Outsourcing Topics – Preparing for an Outsourcing Initiative:

  1. Introduction to Outsourcing
  2. Why Outsource and What to Outsource?
  3. Selecting an Outsourcing Strategy
  4. Preparing for Outsourcing

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