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C ++ 11 from Scratch One of the training courses of is to get acquainted with the basic and key capabilities of this powerful language.

In the course of C ++ 11 from Scratch It is one of the general programming languages ​​that is known as the basis of many Visual programming languages ​​and is used by many programmers to write all common and common programs with different levels of complexity. It has features such as high performance and abstraction that make it one of the most powerful languages. It is a programming language designed to directly and comprehensively use several methods of programming (structured programming, object-oriented programming, abstraction data, and generic programming) without a complex environment.

C ++ 11 topics from Scratch:

  1. Building C ++ Programs
  2. Representing Information with Types and Variables
  3. Making Decisions and Iterating
  4. Reusing Code with Functions

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