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Advanced .NET Debugging One of the company's training courses Pearson It examines the most challenging bugs of .NET applications and teaches you how to fix these bugs. In this course, Mario Hewardt introduces topics such as: introducing debugging or debugging tools such as PowerDBG; Understanding the details of debugging and new concepts .NET CLR 4.0; Successful use of debugging tools in Windows such as SOS, SOSEX, CLR Profiler and other powerful tools; Solve difficult harmonization problems; Examines hardware problems, etc.

Skill level: Medium

Topics Advanced .NET Debugging:

  • Make practical use of postmortem debugging, including PowerDBG and other “power tools”
  • Understand the debugging details and implications of the new .NET CLR 4.0
  • Master and successfully use Debugging Tools for Windows, as well as SOS, SOSEX, CLR Profiler, and other powerful tools
  • Gain a deeper, more practical understanding of CLR internals, such as examining thread-specific data, managed heap and garbage collector, interoperability layer, and .NET exceptions
  • Solve difficult synchronization problems, managed heap problems, interoperability problems, and much more
  • Generate and successfully analyze crash dumps

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