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Functional Data Structures and Algorithms One of the training courses is Packt Publishing, which teaches you the structure of functional data and algorithms for your applications and using their benefits in your work. Atul S. Khot in this course, topics such as: How to think in a functional paradigm; O sign and its calculation; Space timing and complexity; Unchanging backgrounds and the structure of continuous information; Add and paste lists; Making trees; Using the backtracking algorithm; The best Scala methods and terms; And … examines.

Functional Data Structures and Algorithms:

  1. Learn to think in the functional paradigm
  2. Learn about the O notation
  3. Take a look at runtime and space complexities
  4. Explore the basic themes of immutability and persistent data structures
  5. Learn to drop and concatenate lists
  6. Learn to append and prepend lists
  7. Take a look at building trees
  8. Learn about the backtracking algorithm.
  9. Master Scala best practices and idioms

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