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Building an FPS Game with Unity One of the training courses is Packt Publishing, which teaches you how to make a high-quality first-person shooter game using the Unity game engine. John P. Doran In this training course, topics such as: Using UFPS to make custom weapons with special and customized behaviors; Surface design and prototyping; Create different game environments; Develop different numbers of encounters that players make in the game; How to create special objects; Create a graphical interface for the game; Packing your game for sale; Create a game installer; And … examines.

Building or FPS Game with Unity:

  1. Use UFPS to build custom weapons with custom meshes and accessories
  2. Explore level design as you prototype levels, making use of Prototype to build levels out quickly
  3. Build environments that are realistic as possible while maintaining peak performance and repetitiveness down
  4. Review tips and tricks on how to create environments using both terrain for outdoor areas and a modular workflow for interiors
  5. Develop a number of different encounters that your players can fight against, from a simple turret enemy to complex AI characters from Shooter AI
  6. Discover how to create unique objects such as exploding barrels and objects you can interact with
  7. Create a custom GUI to help your game stand out from the crowd
  8. Package your game for release, create an installer, and get your game out into the world

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