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Play Outlast Trinity PS4 Exploit By the company Red Barrels Developed and designed for the PlayStation 4 console. In fact, this game is a complete package including Outlast, Outlast 2 and Whisteblower add-on games. As you know, Outlast is a horror and survival game with which you experience breathtaking and challenging moments.

Game story Outlast This is: In the remote mountains of Colorado, the horror is hidden in Mount Massive Hospital. The house, which has long been home to the mentally ill, has been reopened by Markov for research and charity, and is being set up in complete secrecy. Guided by an anonymous source, Miles Appsure, an independent journalist, emerges from the hospital and what he discovers creates a deep and terrifying line between science and religion, nature and everything else. Slow down. The only way for him to escape from inside the hospital is the terrible truth that lies at the heart of Mount Massive.

Game story Outlast 2 In this game, a reporter named Blake Langerman and his wife, Lynn, travel to a village in Arizona to find a clue to the death of a pregnant woman named Jane Doe. Unfortunately, their helicopter crashed on the way, and the couple lost each other. Now Blake has to look for his wife, where it seems to be the end of time, and the horrible creatures surround it.

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