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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: One of the criminals, called McMurphy, to escape from the hardship of his prison, is crazy to move him to the homeland, but now faces a bigger problem. Because, this house is managed by a very ruthless nurse, where it is much harder to tolerate being imprisoned.

McMurphy is a record-breaking one who is once again in trouble and the court gives him a prison sentence. He fools himself into a frenzy to escape the harsh conditions of the prison and is transmitted to the homeland for the diagnosis of mental immaturity. This home is managed by a ruthless nurse named Scrooge, which insults and disrespects patients. McMurfy, who is witnessing all the work, is united with the other sick man in a hometown to rebel against this violent nurse.

Awards list

Won the best Oscar movie of the year
Winner of Best Writing, Screenwriting Adopted from Other Resources from Oscar
Best Oscar winner
The winner is Oscar's best female actor
The winner is the best male actor in Oscar
The winner of the best film – a story from the Golden Globe
Winner of Best Actor of the Golden Globe
Winner of Best Director of Golden Globe Film
Winner of Best Golden Globe Film Scene
Wins the Best Actor of the Rookie from Golden Globe
Wins the Best Female Actor in the Golden Globe
Winner of Best BAFTA Film Award

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