Download North by Northwest 1959 English Subtitle

Download North by Northwest 1959 movie with English Subtitle

Synopsis of North by Northwest 1959:

Roger Thornhill (Grant), a successful but selfish advertising director, is one day mistaken for an undercover detective named George Kaplan. A mistake that leads him to a world of danger and intrigue, forcing him to trample on the whole country to save his life – while he cannot even resort to the police. Along the way, he discovers a new love for a woman named Ewkendal (synth).

About the movie:

North by Northwest is an American adventure, mystery, and thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and directed by Psycho (Download Psycho 1960). The screenplay was written by Ernest Lehmann. Actors such as Carrie Grant, Eva Marie, Leo G. "Rebecca" and "James Mason" star in the film. Download the movie North by Northwest 1959 with English Subtitle, North by Northwest

"North by Northwest" as Hitchcock's 46th work, at the 32nd Academy Awards in 1960, was nominated for three awards, including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (non-adaptation) for Ernest Lehmann and Best Editing for George Tomasini Followed. The music for the film, like many of Hitchcock's other works, was composed by Bernard Herman, and the opening credits were designed by Sal Sal.

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The film received 99% satisfaction out of 78 reviews published on the Rotten Tomatoes movie review website. It also scored 98 out of 100 out of 174 reviews published on the metacritic film review website. The film is currently ranked 103rd in the IMDB list of the top 250 films with a score of 8.3.

Download North by Northwest 1959 movie with English Subtitle

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