Download Nancy Drew series, the second season of the original language

Download Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 05 Added

Nancy Drew Synopsis:

Nancy Drew is the name of a mysterious and exciting series made by Stephanie Swage and Josh Schwartz. The story of the series is about a young Nancy Dervi who intends to leave her hometown to continue her studies at university after graduation, but accidentally gets involved in the mystery of a supernatural murder and…

File Publisher:
Genre: Criminal, Mysterious, Thrilling
5.3 / 10 out of 1,134 votes
English language
Quality: 480p – x265 – 720p
Format: MKV
Size: 300 – 200 – 150 MB
Product: USA
Stars: Kennedy McMann, Alvina August, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani
Directors: Noga Landau, Stephanie Savage, Josh Schwartz

[فصل اول 01 نسخه زبان اصلی با زیرنویس جداگانه]

[[Episode 01 720p version]-[[Episode 02 720p version]

[[Episode 03 720p version]-[[Episode 04 720p version]

[[Episode 05 720p version]-[[Episode 06 720p version]

[[Episode 07 720p version]-[[Episode 08 720p version]

[[Episode 09 720p version]-[[Episode 10 720p version]

[[Episode 11 720p version]-[[Episode 12 720p version]

[[Episode 13 720p version]-[[Episode 14 720p version]

[[Episode 15 720p version]-[[Episode 16 720p version]

[[Episode 17 720p version]-[[Episode 18 720p version]

English Subtitle link for season 01

[فصل دوم 02 نسخه زبان اصلی با زیرنویس جداگانه]

[[Episode 01 1080p version][[720p version][[480p version]

[[Episode 02 1080p version][[720p version][[480p version]

[[Episode 03 1080p version][[720p version][[480p version]

[[Episode 04 1080p version][[720p version][[480p version]

[[Episode 05 1080p version][[720p version][[480p version]

English Subtitle link for season 02

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