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Undoubtedly, there are no computer programmers in the world that have not worked at least once with Visual Studio. The features and features of this software have been naming for years.

Visual studio The name of the specialized programming software in different languages ​​that Microsoft's famous company produces. The complete and perfect environment of this software is designed to allow both professional programmers and beginners to easily achieve their goals. This software is completely unrivaled in programming, and is still not a product that can compete with Visual Studio.

This product has many uses from the production of web pages in different languages ​​to the creation of a variety of applications for the three popular platforms iOS, Android, and Windows Phone in this powerful suite. Other improvements to this version than the previous versions can be. The power of an Android simulator in this release. Also in this release is the NET. Are. Other benefits of the new version The software uses #C through mono technology, ++ C and also JS using Cordova technology to build full and professional Android and iOS apps. This software has the ability and the ability to not be able to express it in this post, and we just name some of its benefits. If you are a professional programmer or beginner or you want to step in this exciting and, of course, difficult step, be sure to complete this complete collection with a direct link from the site. Direct Download Links Receive


  • Full software management throughout the lifecycle
  • Detailed analysis of written code
  • Advanced Bug Reporting and Debugging System
  • Performance Testing, Load Testing
  • Run a manual test
  • The ability to increase the previous written code
  • Manage and update the database simultaneously by applying the code
  • Has plenty of efficient plugins
  • Ability to manage Git
  • And . . .

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