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Metropolis: In a city where there is a deep gap between the working class and the rich, the thoughtful son of this city falls in love with one of the working class prophets who anticipates the emergence of a savior to eliminate this class gap.

This film shows the future of a city in Metropolis, in which the rich have a comfortable and unobtrusive life. One of them is Frieder Fordson. One day, she sees a beautiful woman with a group of kids, but suddenly the woman and children disappear. In an effort to find them, they are accidentally confronted with the world of working class people living underground. Few people are aware of their lives, and almost no one knows about this community. One of those who are aware of the working class is Fred Fred, John Fordson, who is the founder and leader of the Metropolis.

Frieder later finds out that the woman's name is “Maria” and seeks to establish a relationship between “hands” – the working class – and “heads” – the rich class – through the “heart”. Frieder wants to save the lives of the corpses of the worker so that they can have a comfortable life. But, when John understands the intent of Maria, and realizes that his son has been partnered with them, he decides with one of his old colleagues ….

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