Download MediaInfo 18.08.1 – View information from audio and video files

software MediaInfo A useful application for displaying audio and video information including file name, file time, and file codec information. Of course, you know that there are many audio and video formats. Be aware of all the information of these files only by the software. MediaInfo It is possible for this software to provide you file information including file size, playback time, filename and author and album, and also audio codec information that includes: bitrate, channel number, and. .. gives you.

With this software you can view all audio and video file information in html, capture and ….

The ability to display general information includes: file name, author, file size, track number
Video Information Capability: Codec, Ftp, BitTorrent …
Ability to display audio information: codec, bit rate, channel, quality and …
Extract as text, CSV, HTML

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