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Talent Management is one of the training courses that teaches you how to manage talents according to the strategic goals of your workplace and its direct impact on business success. In this course, Katy Sharon covers topics such as: creating a successful talent management strategy; Identifying Talent Needs and Assessing Existing Talents; Hiring the right people; Employee expansion to meet needs; Implement and implement a successful planning process; Focus on interactions; Increase talent capabilities; Designing a high-performance culture; And … examines.

Talent Management Topics:

  1. Building a successful talent management strategy
  2. Identifying talent needs and assessing existing talent
  3. Recruiting and hiring the right people
  4. Developing employees to meet talent needs
  5. Implementing a succession planning process
  6. Focusing on engagement and retention
  7. Increasing talent visibility
  8. Creating a strong HR and business partnership
  9. Designing a high-performance culture

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