Download Lynda PHP training course with MySQL Essential Training: 2 Build a CMS

PHP with MySQL Essential Training: 2 Build a CMS is one of the training courses that teaches you the basics of using PHP and MySQL, along with the essential concepts for developing web applications and creating a content management system (CMS). Kevin Skoglund in this course, topics such as: creating a content management system; Build Dynamic Content Navigation; Use contextual and functional options for conditional behaviors; Hide content from public view; Use of HTML in Dynamic Content; Review the content in the text or general context; Working with cookies and meetings; Save status messages in meetings; Secure user authentication; Regulate page access; Automatic ordering page management; And … examines.

PHP Topics with MySQL Essential Training: 2 Build a CMS:

  1. Creating a content management system
  2. Building dynamic content navigation
  3. Using context and function options for conditional behavior
  4. Hiding content from the public view
  5. Insecure direct object reference
  6. Allowing HTML in dynamic content
  7. Previewing content in the public context
  8. Working with cookies and sessions
  9. Storing status messages in the session
  10. Secure user authentication (login / logout)
  11. Regulating page access
  12. Nesting related resources
  13. Managing an ordered list automatically

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