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Learn ASP.NET Core MVC: The Basics is a training course that teaches you the basics of building web applications using the ASP.NET Core framework. Jess Chadwick In this course, topics such as: building blocks of ASP.NET Core applications; Create a new project; Respond to HTTP requests; Maintenance of static files; Understand the MVC pattern; Handling requests with controllers; Routing; Create HTML forms; Validation of form data; Security of ASP.NET applications; And examines many more thoroughly.

Learn ASP.NET Core MVC: The Basics Topics:

  1. Building blocks of ASP.NET Core applications
  2. Creating a new project
  3. Responding to HTTP requests
  4. Serving static files
  5. Understanding the MVC pattern
  6. Handling requests with controllers
  7. Routing
  8. Rendering HTML with Razor
  9. Rendering data, view markup, and view logic
  10. Creating HTML forms
  11. Validating form data
  12. Reading and writing from a database with Entity Framework
  13. Improving the user experience
  14. Exposing data with a web API
  15. Securing your ASP.NET application

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