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HTML and CSS: Creating Forms One of the training courses of company that teaches you how to create web forms completely using HTML and CSS technologies. Clarissa Peterson In this training course, topics such as: how the user interacts with the forms; Designing easy-to-use forms; Follow the rules of personal information when collecting information; Select the types of HTML inputs to use; Add buttons; Add interactive validation; Styling and decorating forms with CSS; Use of flexboxes and positioning to design responsive forms; And … examines.

HTML and CSS Topics: Creating Forms:

  1. How users interact with forms
  2. Designing forms that are easy to use
  3. Following data privacy laws when collecting information
  4. Choosing which HTML input types to use
  5. Adding buttons
  6. Adding interactive validation
  7. Styling form fields with CSS
  8. Using positioning and flexbox to create responsive form layouts

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