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Financial Wellness for Couples and Families is one of the training courses that completely teaches you how to manage financial flow in the family and follow up on financial problems. Amanda Clayman In this training course, topics such as: examining disputes between couples over money and financial issues; Review of values; Communicate efficiently; Being obvious and tangible; Conduct successful negotiations; Assign roles tailored to each couple; Set up a routine schedule; Create a cash flow plan for your family; Facing problems and making changes; And examines the involvement of their children in the process of managing their family's financial flow.

Financial Wellness Topics for Couples and Families:

  1. Why couples fight about money
  2. Exploring values
  3. Communicating effectively
  4. Being clear and concrete
  5. Negotiating successfully
  6. Assigning roles suited to each partner's strength
  7. Setting up a routine
  8. Creating your family cash flow plan
  9. Dealing with dilemmas
  10. Making changes
  11. Engaging children in your family's cash flow management process

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