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AutoCAD: Advanced Workflow with Sheet Sets One of the company's training courses It teaches you how to use the very useful and useful feature of AutoCAD software called Sheet Set to organize and categorize your project layers.

Shaun Bryant In this training course, items such as: Introducing the Sheet Set and the benefits of using it; How to work with Sheet Set Wizard; Create a Sheet Set with the title and work with its tabs; Rename and recount Sheet Sets; Set up a Sheet Set to publish and archive them; And … examines.

Training level: Intermediate

AutoCAD Topics: Advanced Workflow with Sheet Sets:

  • What is an AutoCAD sheet set?
  • Advantages of sheet sets
  • Working with the Sheet Set Wizard
  • Creating a new sheet set
  • Working with the sheet set tabs
  • Adding a new sheet with a title block
  • Renaming and renumbering sheets
  • Setting up a sheet set for publishing and eTransmit
  • Archiving a sheet set

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