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3D Scanning with a Camera One of's training courses that fully teaches you how to process a 3D scan prepared for printing by a 3D printer. Kacie Hultgren In this course, topics such as: 3D scanning using a camera; One-scan processing with ReCap and ReMake; Repair a scan using the Meshmixer tool; Print a scan with a MakerBot printer; Optimize and export a scan; And examines many others.

3D Scanning with a Camera Topics:

  1. 3D scanning with a camera
  2. Processing a scan with ReCap and ReMake
  3. Smoothing and filling the mesh
  4. Repairing a scan with Meshmixer
  5. Printing a scan with a MakerBot printer
  6. Optimizing a scan
  7. Exporting a scan
  8. Ordering a 3D print from Shapeways

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