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Working with servers is a complex operation and requires a lot of experience. Of course, managing software can reduce user problems to a great extent. You've probably all heard the name of the SQL Server Management Studio software. Microsoft's most famous server management software. Today we are going to software LINQPad Premium Which is up to the same level as Microsoft software. Of course, with a little difference, we will refer to them later.

LINQPad Premium The name is a very new and advanced software that is specially designed for server management and can be useful to the user with its various capabilities. This software is very similar to the software of SQ-EL MANAGEMENT, with the difference that you will be able to use it from the database. Use LINQPad as well. Very professional user interface, compatibility with various programming languages, the ability to edit SQL data, the ability to customize the software environment, an advanced debugger, the ability to automatically compile with the ability to filter, etc. are only part of the capabilities of this software. To be You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the download bit site.

Features of LINQPad Premium:

  • Very professional user interface
  • Compatibility with various programming languages
  • Ability to edit SQL data
  • Ability to customize the software environment
  • Has advanced debugger
  • Ability to compile automatically with the possibility of filtering
  • And . . .

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