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Program Management for IT Professionals One of the company's training courses LinkedIn It discusses the management of IT programs professionally. The failure of large IT projects can cost the company a lot of money and also weaken employee morale. Project managers can use their managerial skills to avoid these risks and, in fact, use risk management techniques to avoid inefficient projects.

Hubbert Smith In this training course, topics such as learning hardware and software skills for program management, reporting and risk management, program management steps, customer understanding, effective group meetings, cooperation with partners, etc. are examined. Give.

Skill level: Medium

Program Management topics for IT Professionals:

  • Hard skills and soft skills needed for program management
  • Reporting and managing risk
  • Phases of program management
  • Understanding customers
  • Running effective team meetings
  • Working with partners
  • Engineering, architecture, design, and code reviews
  • Managing delivery and release
  • Competitive analysis
  • Measuring results

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