Download Jenkins 2.164 – The latest Jenkins version for software engineering


Software engineering is one of the most important computer science. NAMARA Engineering has various methodologies for starting a project and is defined step-by-step to product output. Various tools are used in software engineering with regard to the approach taken. Today we are going to software Jenkins To yours.

Jenkins The name of the software is unparalleled for software engineering, which has the task of integrating the steps in the DevOps approach and is of immense quality. In fact, this software is a powerful tool for continuous integration, which can make it possible to use the testing of cases and source code and versions, and with its accurate management. Famous software for continuous integration in software engineering, a powerful tool in the DevOps approach, easy installation, easy and intuitive user interface, the ability to test software in a variety of ways, compatibility with various plugins, etc. from other The functionality of this software is considered. You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the download bit site.

Jenkins Features:

  • Famous software for continuous integration in software engineering
  • A powerful tool in the DevOps approach
  • Easy installation
  • Has an intuitive and beautiful user experience
  • Ability to test software in a variety of ways
  • Compatibility with various plugins
  • And . . .

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