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Perhaps, after a while in your Windows life, you will notice that your Windows speed is getting lower and comes with logs. These things can be for several reasons, one of which is the uninstallation of the tool and the game, and then the incomplete deletion of the files from the system, which you can by having a professional tool for files and games that have been installed on your system. Complete the complete. If you need such a tool, follow the download site bit.

IObit Uninstaller Software is a free and user-friendly application that users must use in such applications. One of the reasons behind the slowdown of Windows is to use a massive amount of add-ons and spam files for a while. The parsing files are aggregated because you are surfing the web and you do not even realize that the system downloads a file that the file They are redundant and slow down your system. Another slowdown is the inappropriate installation or removal of programs and games. If uninstalled software and even the Windows removal programs are removed, these inputs are not well cleaned up and over time reduced. The speed of the system will be. Also, sometimes the software installed on Windows can not be removed from the Windows removal programs, which will be solved by this software.


  • Identify rep file
  • Ability to remove apps and games in full
  • Ability to identify apps and games that are not completely removed
  • Speed ​​up the system
  • Simple and functional environment
  • And…

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