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Today's security is one of the most important challenges for computer systems and software. One of the methods of penetrating and accessing important software and systems is reverse engineering, one of its known applications being cracking software and games. Other applications include analyzing executable files to detect vulnerabilities, which require the development and development of exploits to exploit this vulnerability. In addition to this, it can be used to strengthen the security of software and systems and protect them against the risks of cracking and stolen or penetrating.

In Infinite Skills Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development, you will become familiar with the concepts involved in reverse engineerability in the field of software development / web development as well as in the field of fully operational exploitation.

Educational titles:

  • – Introduction to the course
  • – Reverse engineering of Windows compiled software
  • – Reverse engineering of Mac compiled software
  • – Reverse engineering of Linux compiled software
  • – Reverse engineering of Android apps
  • – Finding other vulnerabilities
  • – Exploit simple
  • – Explore Exploit Payloads
  • – difficult to detect exploits
  • – Web Exploitation
  • – Expenses for hardware ARM (ARM Exploitation)
  • – And…

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