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Inception: Cobb Trap (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief in extracting the valuable secrets needed by spy organizations and multinational corporations. His ability is that when others are asleep and their minds are in the most vulnerable, their key secrets are taken away from their dreams, and in the outdoors world, these secrets are presented to the buyer. But this has made him an international runaway offender and has made his dearest thing to be lost in this way. Now the cube is offered a chance to release. By doing this, he can take his life back, but only if he can do anything impossible in the name of indoctrination. This time, Cobb and his group should do something for theft: this time their task is not to steal the idea, but to cultivate a new idea in the mind of the victim.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar video achievement
  • Wins the best soundtrack from Oscar
  • Won the best soundtrack from Oscar
  • Won the best achievement of Oscar's Spectacular Effects
  • Wins the best visual effects from the BAFTA Film Award
  • Won Best Producer of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Won better than BAFTA Film Award

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