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When it comes to the text editor on Windows, all the notes of the simple Notepad software fall. But, to what extent is the software really capable of meeting the needs of the user? It's not that useful for short notes. Software Bulkier like Word, and Notepad also has limited features. The solution is here, the software we have for you today IDM UltraEdit It has the ability to meet the needs of the user in the field of text editing.

IDM UltraEdit The name of the software is the appropriate volume and professional user interface that can be an excellent alternative to Notepad software on Windows. This software is very capable and has the ability to set the file format as well as the specific display of programming codes. Other software features include the ability to edit large files that are not possible in Notepad. It also has a Split Window view and also has the ability to display multiple files simultaneously. You can now use this software in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Bit by direct link and separately from the site Direct Download Links Receive


  • A powerful text editor and an alternative to Notepad
  • Ability to display scripts code syntax
  • Ability to set different formats
  • Ability to display multiple files simultaneously
  • And . . .

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Download the 32-bit version 48.46 MB
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Download the 64-bit version 51.96 MB

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