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Download the movie Dear Comrade 2019, dear comrade, with English Subtitle only on the Telegram channel

Synopsis of Dear Comrade 2019:

Dear Comrade is about a young man named Bobby, who is the president of the student union. He tries to achieve his dream of playing in national cricket matches, but in the meantime, his bad nerves and the violence that lies within him have become a threat to his dreams and life.

name of work: Dear Comrade

Quality: HD 1080p, HD 720p

Score: IMDb 7.2 / 10

genre: Action | adventure

Audience: This video is to the following people 13 Year is not recommended.

kind of movie: Cinematic

the product: India Dear Comrade 2019 Dear Comrade

Director: بهارات کاما

stars: Viji Durakunda, Reshmika Mandana, Shirti Ramachandran, Raj Arjun, Anand

Production Year: 2019 AD

Language: Hindi (English Subtitle)

period of time : 153 minutes

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