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The Great Dictator: A dictator, Ednyd Hinkel, is expanding its dictatorial empire, and on the other hand, a poor Jewish hairdresser is trying to avoid harassment of the Hinkel regime.

Twenty years after the end of the First World War, the country is defeated by the failure of Ednyd Hinkel (played by Charlie Chaplin) as a ruthless dictator. He believes in a pure Aryan state and complete destruction of the Jews. The situation is unknown to a simple Jewish hairdresser (Charlie Chaplin), who was hospitalized and unconscious during an aftermath of an incident in the hospital. He who has lost his memory, after being discharged, returns to his ghetto, where the hard and hard life of the Jews, including the life of a laundry woman, called Hannah, who later became the lover of this hairdresser Be shown. Ultimately, this barber is being saved by the commander of “Schultz” from the persecution. The life of all Jews will be better when he changes his policies. But he has the hidden motives and ….

Awards list:

  • The nominee for the best Oscar film of the year
  • Best Writing Nominee, original script from Oscar
  • Best Actor nominee is the main man of the Oscar
  • Best Music Nominee, original Original Music from Oscar
  • Best Actress Oscar nominee

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