Download Geovariances Minestis 2016 v2.0.0 x64 – Geology and mineral resource estimation specialized software


Geovariances Minestis is a powerful Geovariances software developed for statistical analysis of land and land statistics. This software is specially designed for engineers and geologists who can use this software to model different mines and use existing data. Estimates of existing mineral resources. This software is also known as a strategic plan for large companies.

Engineers and geologists with this software can estimate the amount of specific mineral resources and, depending on the mining conditions, explore the extraction methods, including the capabilities of this software can be used to quantify the volume of mines available on the ground by this software only One-click clicks make precise economic calculations that you can perform very quickly and accurately. If you are engineers and geologists and anyone looking for software to estimate your mineral resources, download this software and enjoy the exact workings.


  • Accurate and extensive work
  • Wide application in geology and statistics
  • Modeling Soil, Mine and Earth's Crust
  • Detailed assessment of the volume of mines

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