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SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Bob ! The main character of the SpongeBob SquarePants series is the Nickelodeon network since 1999. The adventures of each episode are independent of the rest and utilize realistic images, audio features such as the use of musical pieces and mostly long speeches to bring their concept of a variety of visual features, such as close-ups of objects and facial expressions. Directed by Stephan Hellenberg …

Serial Introduction:

The main character of the cartoon is Sponge Bob. The story story unfolds in the Bikini Bottom submarine city. She is in a grocery store for frying hamburgers and is very interested in her fairly simple and uniform work. The spongeboy's character is completely consistent with the behaviors that are beyond the reach of children. In an environment of work and life with an octopus that has a selfish personality, and a close star, Patrick, who is free of any intelligence and talent. Sponge Bob's favorite pastime is the jerry and game bubble hunting. She lives in a pineapple.

Patrick is the closest friend of Sponge Bob. He usually portrays the doodle, but sometimes he expresses a series of expectations in his dialogues. He does not have a special job and lives under a rock. Patrick's favorite pastime can be hunted by the sea lion. In the part of the episode, Patrick is depicted in addition to the scumbag, a dirty creature.

Bhutpupus is a bad person, selfish and self-respecting. He is the cashier of the restaurant and has no interest in his work. The octopus usually paints and clarinets during leisure time.

The owner of the restaurant has a lobster called Mr. Crawfish, a lobster who loves money and lovers. He is willing to do anything to make more money. The crab has a girlfriend named Perl, a whale.

Other cartoon characters include Sandy (a sci-fi material squirrel who lives and works under the umbrella underwater) and Plankton, who wants to steal the formula of hamburgers by Mr. Crab, and always draws plans that fail. Larry Shrimp is also a low-profile character in the Sponge Bob animation that has a personality with an athletic brigade. Another spongebob's character is Snail's Sponge Bob, which is his pet. Ms. Pough is a schoolboy sailing school teacher. Paradiree's son and Sassy's son are two superheroes of the television cartoon and popular with Sponge Bob and Patrick.

Tips on dubbing this series:

– This series is dubbed by English Ton.

– For some reason, the original title of the cartoon has been removed from the downloaded version, which can be downloaded from the following link to the original title (Farsi version).

– This collection contains 200 episodes that will be posted over time.

– Original cartoon Seasons are only available with DVDRip quality, which will be replaced by better versions and higher quality versions for newer Seasons.

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