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First Blood John Rombo, under the pressure of a brutal sheriff and his deputy, is forced to take refuge in the mountains around a small town and use his martial skills to survive.

John Rambo is a young man who has previously been a military soldier and has won a medal for his presence on the front and the Vietnam War. But, after returning home, because of his presence in Vietnam, which caused him bad effects, he still thinks he is in war. The sheriff of the city, William Tysel, throws Rambo out of the same illusions and harasses him and, by doing things, forces him to leave the city, but he does with these ” Rambo “is heavily angry and makes Rambo commit a crime and then arrest him. When he is taken to court, Rambo succeeds in escaping from there and going to the surrounding woods to get rid of the sheriff who wants to kill him. Now, Rambo's senior clerk Samuel Troutman has entered Rambo's arrest, so he can satisfy him to surrender before he gets worse.

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