Download Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers Mars 2 – Java programming environment

Eclipse is an open source programming language (IDE) for the Java programming language (which has programs for programming in languages ​​such as python, Perl, PHP, C ++, C, etc.). This environment is supported by companies like IBM.

Java programming language is a language that is not monopolized by any company or any particular person and is developed and developed as an open source. Perhaps the reason for its anonymity is that it does not have a strong and strong center for advertising and maneuvers like Microsoft. Of course, we can not say that Java lacks such a center, but it can be said that Java lacks a single center and one owner to develop it.

But in any programming language, having an IDE is one of the policies mentioned. Microsoft has released Visual Studio for its products, but Java currently has several powerful IDEs for development by various and reputable companies with a variety of quality and prices, including (NetBeans (Sun), JDevelopers (Oracle), Eclipse (IBM) and have. Including free and robust environments, Eclipse is an open source GPL license.

This development environment has undergone a new trend. When you download this environment in plain and ordinary way, it does not provide many features, and even does not include the Visual C programming process (such as the design of the form, etc.), and does not even support web programming and many options. . Instead, the system allows people to write and use their own plug-ins and its add-ons in a new process. But the better news is that the development team of this IDE has also written plug-ins for free and for free download. For example, for developing and developing a web environment, ICLIPS has a popular WebTools plugin that supports all web developmental requirements from databases to css design. There are also many plugins designed for modeling tools or graphic design and so on.

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